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4.6 A Word to the Wise
August 16, 2000

Work in progress

In the hole after Beecher tried to kill him, Keller pees into a bucket. Beecher talks to Said about his son's death and Keller's role in that. Holly is found alive, and Beecher learns that Keller is innocent. Keller leaves the hole and is called into Querns office with Beecher. Querns tells them they can't touch each other in love or war or they will end up in Gen Pop. Chris goes to the pod and packs; Beecher tries to apologize but Chris won't accept. He tells Beecher that he worked hard to regain Toby's trust and love but it obviously didn't happen. Beecher asks Chris to forgive him but Chris says no. Beecher points out that he forgave Keller. "I guess that makes you the better man," Keller says and leaves.

New podmate, Mondo Brown, moves in. Keller confronts Schillinger in the cafeteria and insults his parenting skills, Keller goes to shower and sees Mondo, Beecher and Leroy Tidd. Mondo asks Keller if Mondo can fuck Beecher. Keller says he doesn't care, then burns his hand in scalding water after they all leave.

Keller confesses to Father Mukada. Mukada tells Keller to go to the authorities but Keller gets belligerent. Mukada refuses absolution. That evening, Keller and Beecher stare at each other from their respective pods, Mondo moves up behind Beecher and demands a blow job. Beecher takes his shirt off and kisses Mondo, moving away from the glass.


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