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4.5 Gray Matter
August 9, 2000

Work in progress

Beecher stays in the pod grieving. Mineo plays hard-ass trying to get Beecher out for count, but Keller and Rebadow tell him to fuck off. Murphy tells Mineo to move on. Keller brings Beecher an orange but he throws it at the window. Beecher has nightmares about his children; Keller doesn't know what to do. The next day he goes to Father Mukada and asks him to bring Sister Pete to help Beecher. Keller thinks Sister Pete won't come because of Keller. But Sr. Pete can't because of Keller and her crisis of faith.

Schillinger orders Hank to drop off the "other package" at Mom and Pop Beechers' house. Beecher is brought to Glynn's office and seeing his Dad there, he correctly guesses that Gary's body has been found. Harrison cries and tries to hug Beecher but Toby says he has no tears left.

Beecher prepares for the funeral and Keller helps with his tie. Beecher asks Keller if Beecher is his first man. Keller laughs, thinking it's a strange topic on the day of Gary's funeral. Beecher mentions the gay murders and asks Keller if he ever felt this way about another man. Keller says no but Beecher doesn't believe him.

Beecher says good-bye to his son and hugs the coffin. Father Ray talks to Schillinger and swears on his vows as a priest that Beecher contacted Hank as penance not revenge. He begs Schillinger to let Holly go. Schillinger believes Ray and tells Hank to drop off Holly alive. Beecher hires Zabitz to find out who killed Gary. The FBI is convinced Keller is guilty. Keller plays cute when asked about the gay murders but is shocked to the core when accused of Gary's death. Back in the pod, Toby accuses Keller of killing Gary and tries to shank him. Chris is surprised and fights back and is shocked that Beecher would believe it. Chris ends up in the hole.


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