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4.4 Works of Mercy
August 2, 2000

Work in progress.

Beecher sees his parents and a private investigator about the kids and accuses Schillinger of the crime, then he trashes the visiting room. Toby and his Dad console each other.

At lunch, Zabitz talks to Beecher. Keller returns to Em City and he hugs Toby in the quad. They go to their pod where Keller consoles Beecher about his kids and Toby kisses Keller's scar. Later Keller wakes up and tells Beecher he fears death because he knows he's going to hell after dying on the operating table. The next day Beecher asks Sister Pete to talk to Keller about his fears, but she refuses.

Beecher and his parents meet with the investigator again, and he tells Beecher that Keller is a suspect in several murders of young homosexual men. Beecher defends Keller and tells his parents that Chris is his lover. Mom and Dad are shocked. Schillinger orders Hank to "send the package." Gary's hand is mailed to Beecher at Oz. Beecher howls in grief and Keller feels helpless. Keller takes communion and tells Siser Pete, "bless you."


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