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4.1 A Cock and Balls Story
July 12, 2000

Work in progress

Lockdown ends. Beecher talks with Father Ray about forgiveness and Schillinger. Beecher talks to Said who suggests Beecher make a grand gesture in quiet. Keller disagrees and gets angry and tells Beecher he can't do anything for Schillinger. Toby visits with his Dad and asks Harrison to use a private investigator to find Hank Schillinger. Toby returns to Em City and sees Keller who gets frisky but Toby wants to talk. Beecher tells Keller he asked his Dad to find Hank. Keller gets angry and calls Toby a bitch. Toby attacks Keller and ends up in the hole. Prisoner Tarrant finds a gun and begins shooting. He hits Keller in the shoulder. Beecher, who is back from the hole, drags Keller to safety.


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