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3.7 Secret Identities
August 25, 1999

Work in progress.

Sister Pete dreams about Keller. Keller misses his appointment with Sister Pete. She asks Beecher about Keller. Beecher confronts Keller. Keller tells Sister Pete he's revealed too much and asks her to convince Beecher that Keller loves him. Sister Pete realizes she's been used. She confesses to Father Ray that Keller has brought lustful feelings back into her life and she is questioning her commitment to Christ.

Beecher and Said sit together in cafeteria. Keller tries to join them, but they rebuff him. Said tells Beecher he must forgive Keller and Schillinger. Beecher finds Keller in computer room and says he forgives Keller. They hug but when Keller tries to kiss him, Beecher breaks away/ Beecher tries to apologize to Schillinger in the gym and offers to find Hank. Schillinger shanks Beecher and Keller shanks Schillinger. He then cradles Toby until the riot squad arrives.


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