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3.5 U.S. Male
August 21, 1999

Work in progress

Beecher chats with Keller and others about Miss Sally. Keller has another session with Sister Pete and starts probing into her sexuality. Another ex-wife visits and he kisses her in front of Sister Pete. Andy wakes up with shakes and Beecher comforts him and shows Andy his tattoo from Vern. Beecher brings a calmer Andy back to rehab group.

In the gym, Vern sees Andy's change and asks how he did it. Andy says his friends helped him. Beecher, Keller and Ryan are nearby and they taunt Vern and ask Andy to wrestle. Beecher taunts Vern in the mail room about being tempted to fuck Andy.  Vern threatens him. Vern tries to make up with Andy, but Andy spurns him. They fight, and Andy ends up back in the hole. Vern sends Andy drugs and he ODs. Beecher hears the news and is not as happy as he expected.


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