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3.4 Unnatural Disasters
August 14, 1999

Work in progress.

Schillinger asks Glynn to put Andy with him but is refused. Beecher, Keller and Ryan talk about Andy in the laundry room. Andy gets high and has fight with his father. Andy goes to the hole, the later joins the rehab group. Beecher sticks up for Andy against Keller and hits Keller in face. Beecher and Keller discuss the faked fight in shower -- Beecher was supposed to hit him in the stomach not face. Ryan cuts off Andy's supply of drugs. Beecher convinces McManus to move Andy into his pod so he can help Andy detox. Keller has another session with Sister Pete and manipulates her. Keller has a visit from an ex-wife and makes sure Sister Pete sees him kissing the ex.


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