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The New Adventures of Old Christine

Notes on a 7th Grade Scandal
Episode 4.13 - Jan. 14, 2009

Lee Tergesen plays Todd Watski in two episodes of Julia Louis Dreyfus' "The New Adventures of Old Christine."

The first episode features bad memories of junior high for Christine, who unexpectedly encounters Todd Watski at a parents' orientation for their soon-to-be junior high kids.

Christine recalls how Todd had been a classmate of hers in seventh grade and ruined her life -- or at least her reputation.

Apparently he nicknamed her "C-cup Campbell" and bragged that he had gotten to "second base" with her. The encounter also seems to bring out the junior high-level behavior in Christine, who tries to get back at Todd for yet another rumor -- that Christine slept with him after the parent orientation meeting.

The reunion ends happily, however, as Todd charms Christine with an incredibly flattering apology. Besides, who could stay mad at such an adorable man!

The Old Maid of Honor
Episode 4.21 - May 13, 2009

Lee returns as Todd Watski in this episode, which CBS describes thusly:

Christine's plan to prove that she's comfortable with Richard's remarriage backfires when the date she's supposedly "in love with" acts obnoxiously at the rehearsal dinner.

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Lee's scenes
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