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No One Lives

September 2012

Lee Tergesen plays Hoag in this horror flick, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness series.

It will get wider release on May 10, 2013, when it will debut in select cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Detroit, Houston and Baltimore.

Here is the international trailer for the movie

A report at Bloody Disgusting, a horror news site, provides this plot synopsis:

A ruthless criminal gang takes a young couple hostage and goes to ground in an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere. When the captive girl is killed, the tables are unexpectedly turned. The gang finds itself outsmarted by an urbane and seasoned killer determined to ensure that no one lives.

Lee's character appears to be a member of the gang, and is father to at least one of the members -- Amber, played by Lindsey Shaw.

WWE Films and Pathe UK are producing the movie, which will be directed by Ryuhei Kitamura. The script is by David Cohen.

Filming took place in mid-June 2011 in and around New Orleans (including Mandeville and Industrial Parkway in Hammond, La.)

Reviews following the Toronto film festival showing have criticized the dialogue and editing. One of the most favorable statements comes from Twitchfilm.com, which had this to say:

Kitamura's execution of his executions is strong enough and stylish enough that, when combined with the egregiously inane dialogue, the film takes on a certain sort of lunatic charm.

The lunacy seems to be by design, as director Kitamura said in an interview: "I always love the fun moments. From the moment I first read the script, my goal was to just make it fun. I donít want to make a movie that depresses the audience. My movies are always full of mixed sentiments. Yes, I want my audience to scream, but I want to make them laugh, too."



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