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Lee Tergesen plays Ed Gorski, an ex-cop from Philadelphia who shows up in the Wyoming county where "Longmire" takes place.

Ed is a former colleague of Victoria "Vic" Moretti (actress Katee Sackhoff), who worked with him as a homicide detective in the Philadelphia Police Department.

Vic is now deputy to Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor), the sheriff of fictional Absaroka County. His other helper is Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips), a friend from childhood who runs the local bar.

Ed Gorski is a questionable character, with a sarcastic, psycho, stalker vibe to him. But by the end of his run on the series, he comes through as a hero.

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EPISODE GUIDE: Lee-related summaries

2.7 Sound and Fury (July 8, 2013)

Ed Gorski appears in town, telling Vic that he has retired and is on a road trip with his wife. Vic learns that this is a lie, but not before a meet-up that makes her feel uneasy. Ed apologizes for being tough on her during an internal affairs investigation back in Philadelphia, when he was her superior officer. Vic had blown the whistle on another officer, Bobby, who eventually committed suicide. Ed said he blamed Vic and his alcoholism became worse. The detour on his (fictional) road trip is part of his recovery; he must make amends. Meanwhile, in the  main story line, Henry overhears a man trying to hire a hit man, and Vic thinks that the hit man is Ed. (It wasn't.)

2.12 A Good Death Is Hard to Find
(Aug. 19, 2013)

Vic thinks Ed had left town, but no, he's still hanging around. She pulls him over and accuses him of stalking her, but he turns it around on her, saying that she's the one making him eel uncomfortable and violated. Later, Vic explores hiring Hector, a bouncer at Henry's bar, to scare Ed out of town. Sheriff Longmire learns about this, and he turns up at Ed's hotel room to warn him to get out of town while he has the chance.

2.13 Bad Medicine (Aug. 26, 2013)

This episode finds Ed in the hospital, badly beaten: bandaged, bruised, and with a tooth missing. When he wakes up, Sheriff Longmire is there. Ed asks, "Did you come here to finish the job?" However, it becomes increasingly unclear as to whom beat up Ed -- Longmire? Hector? Vic? In the meantime, more of the back story between Vic and Ed is revealed. Ed and Vic had an affair back in Philly. Vic wasn't married at the time, but Ed was. When Vic comes to visit Ed at the hospital, he tells her, "I want you to feel the consequence of your actions. You never had your whole life unravel, just a change of scenery." Later, once again, it seems that he has left town.

3.4 In the Pines (June 23, 2014)

Ed is up to mischief again. Vic's husband, Sean, receives a photo in the mail of Vic checking into a hotel with Sheriff Longmire. The hotel stay was innocent enough, but Ed has written the number "32" on the back. That was the apartment number where Vic and Ed would meet (and role-play some kinky scenarios, as we see in flashback). Vic says that she and Ed played dangerous games, but after a while she didn't like it. She ended it, but Ed is still playing.

3.7 Population 25 (July 14, 2014)

In this tense episode, Ed take a turn toward the heroic. It starts out with Vic and Sean taking a getaway to Jackson Hole. While on the road, Sean swerves to avoid hitting a bear, and the car is wrecked. Vic walks to the nearest house to call for help. As luck would have it, the place is run by a psychopathic survivalist type who has a particular grudge against Sheriff Longmire & Co. Pretty soon, Vic and Sean become hostages. The Sheriff and Ed arrive at the scene, both playing guardian angel to rescue Vic (and Sean, too).