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Episode 1.6 - June 13, 2009

Lee Tergesen plays the kingdom's Health Minister in this episode of the short-lived NBC-TV series "Kings," which is set in a modern-day time frame but is based on the Biblical story of King David.

The show ran for 13 episodes on NBC, and the season was released on DVD Sept. 8, 2009.

Ian McShane plays King Silas Benjamin, the equivalent of the Biblical King Saul.

Here's a synopsis of Lee's storyline in this episode:

Touring a hospital along with the Health Minister, Princess Michelle (played by Allison Miller) learns that two patients -- a mother and son -- have been put in isolation because they show symptoms of  plague.

Princess Michelle and the Health Minister approach King Silas (Princess Michelle's father) about quarantining their city, Shiloh. The King won't do it until it is certain that the mother and son truly do have plague. The Health Minister later confirms the diagnosis, and King Silas turns to Rev. Ephram Samuels (played by Lee's former "Oz" costar, Eamonn Walker) for his help to warn the citizens.

Via radio address, Rev. Samuels -- a counterpart to the biblical prophet Samuel -- asks the citizens of Shiloh to close their doors and light a candle in their windows until sunrise in hopes that the plague will pass them by.

The citizens of Shiloh obey the curfew. In the morning, the Health Minister tells King Silas that the death toll is 10 instead of ten million because of the quarantine.


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