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Hawaii Five-O

"Ka No'eau"
Episode 5.4 - Oct. 17, 2014

Lee Tergesen plays Gordon Bristol/Joseph Stegner.

When we first see Lee, he's looking mild-mannered in suit and tie. He's walking through an airport, going to baggage claim, where he is intercepted by a pair of TSA agents, who escort him to an interview room. There, more TSA agents confront him and question him about the gun they found in his luggage.

He plays innocent, telling then he doesn't even own a guy. He stands up calmly, then ... boom! He lashes out, taking down five agents bare-handed, and escapes.

The Five-0 team are called in and learn that Lee was traveling under the alias Gordon Bristol, a businessman from Detroit. He is really Joseph Stegner, a hit man connected to a major organized crime family.

Five-0 tracks him to a mall, where he is seen on a security camera at an ATM, wearing shorts and Hawaiian shirt. Lee/Gordon/Joseph spots the cops and leads them on a foot chase. But when the police get him surrounded, he smiles and starts to surrender. Then, bang! A shot is fired from a nearby parking garage, and Lee/Gordon/Joseph is dead.

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