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The Great Right Hope
Episode 1.3 - April 14, 2009

Lee Tergesen played Clint, a boxing instructor and sperm donor, a guest role in this ABC series that stars fellow "Oz" alum Bobby Cannavale, who plays Cupid (aka Trevor).

According to a press release from ABC:

In this episode Marshall, a sweet but bullied teenager, turns to Trevor to fix up his left-wing mom, Hallie (Constance Zimmer), with his boxing instructor, Clint (Lee Tergesen), the sperm donor who made Marshall's birth possible. They are compatible in every way until Hallie discovers that Clint is a Republican and she breaks off their promising romance.

A reviewer at AfterElton.com sums up the episode like so:

Trevor becomes involved in the life of a bullied teen named Marshall (played by actor Colton James). Marshall is hoping to hook his single mom up with his boxing trainer, [Clint] who's played by Lee Tergesen.

The date does not go well. Marshall's mom is a "Liberal" and his boxing trainer is a "Republican." We know this because those words are repeated over and over, and because the trainer and his friends are for "The War" and the mom and her friends are against it.

The mother is ... outraged when her son uses the [boxing] training to beat up a bully in school. She blames the trainer for her son's violent response, and tells him to stay away from her son, but Marshall protests, because you see, the trainer is actually Marshall's biological father.

... Mom decides to give [Clint] a second chance, until the school calls and informs her that her son has been involved in another fight. ... When she arrives at the school, she finds out that Marshall has been beating up the thugs who have been bullying him -- for being gay.

Mom is surprised at Marshall's gay declaration (but she kinds knew already), and is shocked when he says that [Clint] has known all along that Marshall is gay, and completely accepts him. Well, mom realizes that not all "Republicans" are homophobic, and decides to give trainer another chance.

As you can tell from my gently mocking description, this isn't exactly groundbreaking material. But it does get an up arrow for being sweet, and pleasant, and because its heart is in the right place.


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