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Criminal Minds

Episode 5.11 - Dec. 16, 2009

Lee Tergesen played Dale Shrader in an episode of this CBS procedural.

At the center of the series are the members of the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, which profiles criminals to solve crimes. In this episode, the team tries to track down Lee's character after he launches into a crime spree immediately after being released from prison.

Shrader was just released from prison and then launched into a crime spree unlike any he committed before he went to prison.

The FBI agents try to profile Shrader and his unknown partner (Tim Guinee as Joe Muller) to try to recapture him. Shrader had gone to jail for bank robberies, but now he's kidnapping and killing people. The agents have to figure out why... as well as why his accomplice is helping him.

Lee gets to play a really bad guy in this episode. It's psycho!Lee at his best!

The guest cast also includes A. Martinez as an FBI Agent Bunting, who doesn't last long into the episode, courtesy of Shrader.

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