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The Collection

Nov. 30, 2012

Lee Tergesen plays Lucello, the leader of a rescue group sent in to save a young woman from the clutches of a masked killer who first surfaced in the 2009 horror film, "The Collector."

In the first film, an ex-con named Arkin plots a heist and breaks into a country home where he discovers the family that lives there is trapped by a sadistic, masked who has set deadly traps throughout the house. The sequel is poised to take the "grisly game of booby traps to bold heights," according to an article on RabidDoll.com.

Marcus Dunstan returns as the director, and he shares the writing credit with longtime collaborator Patrick Melton. Special effects artist and "gore-guru" Gary Tunnicliffe also is returning, along with lead actor Josh Stewart as Arkin.

"While the first one was mainly contained to a house in the middle of nowhere, the scale is larger on this one in all regards," co-writer Patrick Melton told DreadCentral.com. "I don't want to give anything away, but the opening 'massacre' is pretty cool. With the 'Saw' films, we always shot for a couple of 'awe' moments in terms of spilling blood, and this one could be pretty spectacular. We'll see how it comes out."

An early review by ShockTillYouDrop.com likes the way it turned out: "The bottom line is that 'The Collection' is a blast; it's pulpy, grotesque and packed with the warped sort of humor we've come to expect from Dunstan/Melton."


The review further describes the action: "The stage is set with the kidnapping of Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick), the lone survivor of a nightclub attack in which 'the Collector' pulls off his greatest massacre ever - one of the bloodiest and best on-screen opening scene bloodbaths since 'Ghost Ship.' Trapped in a labyrinthine abandoned hotel by her well-armed captor, Elena spends the film attempting an escape with the help of a rescue team lead by Arkin (Josh Stewart) [and Lee]. Said hotel, of course, is inhabited by the Collector and this nest of his is brimming with grisly traps and other surprises."

Melton told Dread Central that the movie was "a 28-day shoot, which is nine days more than we had on the original film. This one is much more ambitious." About shooting in Atlanta, he said, "It has a ton of great old buildings that we're using for various larger sets."

Of the cast, Melton said, "We have a good mix of young and veteran actors, and everyone has been really excited."

Filming took place January-February 2011. The movie is part of the initial slate of films to be released through LD Distribution, a new entity created by production and distribution financier, Liddell Entertainment.

In an interview with DreadCentral.com on Sept. 13, screenwriter Patrick Melton said, "The film is a tight little horror flick that expands the universe a bit and sheds more light on 'The Collector,' our masked killer. For the first film we saw the killer out in the world, but for this one we're mainly trapped in his house of horrors.

"We pick up about two weeks after the last one ended.... Some people assumed that Arkin died at the end of the last one, but he's still alive, and he's going to continue to cause trouble for 'The Collector' on very unfamiliar territory this time. It's a fun little game of cat-and-mouse set in this creepy location with deadly traps around every corner."

In an interview posted Nov. 8, 2012, on Dread Central, the interviewer noted that Lee Tergesen "was really fun in 'The Collection.' ... His character felt very throwback-ish, like he was out of a Segal movie or something."

Marcus Dunstan replied:

He's so great; he trained for an incredibly long time with the stunt guys for the knife fight. We had a stunt guy ready to go and Mr. Tergesen was like, "No way, this is my moment and I'm doing it!" So every moment I would happen to turn around, I'd see him off in the corner with the stunt guy ramming those knives and learning how to work it.

So we wanted to justify why he'd pick a knife over a traditional weapon like a gun. At one point, he does use a weapon but that's only when he loses control of the environment or he gets good and pissed off. It was great to see a knifesman take on a knifesman in this.


There's even a longer version of that fight, for like two and a half minutes, where you really get to see them go at it.

I hope we get to see that extended version in the DVD edition!




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