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Army Wives

2010 & 2011
Seasons 4 & 5

Lee Tergesen played Police Officer Clay Boone in five Season 4 episodes of this Lifetime series. He filmed at least one more episode for Season 5, which premieres on March 6.

The show, which is filmed in Charleston, South Carolina, follows the lives of a group of women living with their spouses and families on an active Army post. It stars Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden), Sally Pressman (Roxy LeBlanc), Brigid Brannagh (Pamela Moran),  Wendy Davis (Joan Burton) and Catherine Bell (Denise Sherwood).

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"ARMY WIVES" SEASON 5 EPISODE GUIDE: Lee-centric summaries

5.1 Line of Departure (March 6, 2011)

Season 5 opens with Officer Pamela Moran (Brigid Brannagh) trying to decide whether to reunite with her ex-husband, Chase. She's also wondering if she should take a job with the Atlanta Police Department.

In the teaser for the episode, Pamela enlists the help of her field training officer, Clay Boone (Lee Tergesen), to guide her decision-making.

"It's not that hard, Moran. In my world, either you want something or you don't," Boone tells her. "If you really wanted to go back to you ex, you wouldn't need a week to think about it. Maybe you're confused and waiting for the right offer."

Then he leans in, saying: "Don't go back with your ex. Stay here with me." And he seals the offer with a kiss!

Teaser video (.wmv)

5.2 Command Presence (March 13, 2011)

Boone coaxes Pamela into happy hour at Taco Boy, but he can't get any further. She's still in love with Chase, her ex-husband.

However, when she calls Chase to tell him her choice, he's leaving on a mission and she can't reach him.

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5.11 Drop Zone (May 22, 2011)

It's time for Pamela's performance evaluation -- conducted by her ol' training officer, Boone. Pamela is nervous, because she and Boone really haven't talked much since she turned down his overtures. However, Boone seems to have moved on OK. In fact, he is "in a relationship." The new girlfriend is a curvy ditz named Lisa, who mooches Boone's cash, his car and is gradually moving into his apartment.

Before Boone and Pamela get a chance to really discuss the matter, duty calls. They are on road patrol, and pull over a general (one of the Army wives' husbands), who may be arrested for DUI. [He passes a roadside sobriety test, we learn in the next episode.]

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5.12 Firefight (June 5, 2011)

Pamela's performance review continues, but Boone seems most upset that Pamela doesn't seem to be giving rave reviews to his new girlfriend, Lisa. Eventually, he asks for Pamela for her honest opinion, and she tells Boone he deserves better. Pamela says that Lisa treats him like a cash machine, she has two kids from failed marriages and doesn't have custody, etc.  While Boone is processing this litany of faults, he notices a car that was connected to drug dealers. A chase and gunfire ensue!

When the standoff with the gun-shooting druggies is over, Pamela's husband, Chase, arrives at the scene, worried about Pamela. Boone watches wistfully as the couple walk away together.

Later, Boone (looking very handsome in a blue casual shirt!) goes to Pamela's house to deliver some paperwork -- as well as the folder containing her performance evaluation. He says, "You aced it," but adds that it didn't hurt that she's the "teacher's pet." After he leaves, Chase tells Pamela about a job offer he has at a security company in California, which would mean that they would be moving. A cliffhanger is coming!

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5.13 Farewell to Arms (June 12, 2011)

Boone and Pamela are suspended after a video surfaces on the Internet from the traffic stop of Gen. Holden. The video makes it appear the general was drunk (he wasn't), and allegations of favoritism are lobbed at Pamela for being a friend of the general's wife.

An internal investigation exonerates the officers, but further drama surrounds the general and the whole Army division. In a further bombshell for the season finale, Pamela also announces she is moving to California.

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"ARMY WIVES" SEASON 4 EPISODE GUIDE: Lee-centric summaries

4.10 Trial and Error (June 20, 2010)

This episode was the first in a series of appearances by Lee in "Army Wives." The main guest actor is Harry Hamlin, who stars as a law professor/attorney.

Lee plays Columbia County Metro Police Officer Clay Boone, the field training officer (FTO) for series regular Pamela Moran, who is played by actress Brigid Brannagh.

Pamela is a former Boston cop but she left her police career to focus on her family. However, her Army husband, Chase Moran, was often on secret assignments. They have divorced.

At the start of the story arc featuring Lee, Pamela has returned to police work with the Columbia County Metro Police.

The two get off to a rocky start, as Pamela explains that she had left police work to get married and have kids. She asks Officer Boone what happened to his previous partner. He says, abruptly, "She left, to get married and have kids."

The next scene has the officers pulling over a speeder, who turns out to be Roxy, Pamela's best friend. It's a touchy situation, but handled in a professional manner. Things may be looking up.

In Lee's final scene, Pamela and Roxy even manage to coax a little smile out of him. :)

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4.11 Safety First (June 27, 2010)

Officers Clay Boone and Pamela Moran once again are on speed-trap duty, and Boone is being his less-than-talkative self. Then Pamela gets a call from one of the Army Wives, Denise (played by Catherine Bell), who is working as a 9-1-1 dispatcher. 

Denise asks Pamela to check out an address and other information in relation to an emergency call she received from a young boy, but her supervisor thinks it's a hoax. Pamela talks Clay into following up the lead by telling him about a great lunch near where they'd have to go. She wins him over with the prospect of perfectly seasoned sweet potato fries.

The 9-1-1 calls from the boy continue. His mother was taking a shortcut on an old logging road. When she swerved to miss hitting a deer, she hit a tree and she is badly injured. In the field, Pamela and Clay put the clues together that lead them to the wreck and help rescue mother and son.

When everyone is safe, the two officers agree: It was a good day. Even though Clay never got his lunch.

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4.13 Army Strong (July 18, 2010)

In this episode Officer Boone provides some training to rookie Officer Moran ... in dating.

This plot development is set against the backdrop of the brigade deploying to Afghanistan, providing some lighter elements amid the emotional good-byes and other troubles facing the Army families.

Lee gets to be a little less rigid in this episode too, letting his personality shine through as he prods his partner back into the dating scene.

Pamela's miffed about her ex-husband dating a cute little chippie named Christie, but Pamela's not all that wild about getting back into the scene herself, telling Boone that she hasn't been on a date in 15 years. She dreads the small talk, the lame jokes, having to shave her legs.

However, Boone talks her into going to dinner and happy hour with him. They're relaxed, laughing, he shows her a picture of his dog, Lucy (a nod to "Bark"?) and then pays the tab. He congratulates her on her first date. She's shocked but it's true: He asked, she said yes, they talked, he paid. And now that she's broken the ice, it's on to the second date. But Boone's clear: "Not me; I'm over you. I think we should see other people." All delivered with that great Lee Tergesen sparkle.

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4.17 Murder in Charleston (Aug. 15, 2010)

While out on patrol Pamela and Boone almost run over a hysterical woman, Jasmine, who is covered in blood and leads them to a murder scene. When Jasmine is arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, Atlanta PD Detective Gina Holt (guest star Gabrielle Union) shows up to clear Jasmine’s name and take her back to Atlanta to testify as a key witness for a drug case. Pamela is assigned to accompany Gina around Charleston and ends up being a valuable asset when she figures out the victim is a former solider.

This is the the "embedded pilot" episode of "Army Wives" that can work as the first episode for a spinoff show. Lee reported in December 2010, however, that the spinoff show was not going to happen.

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4.18 Forward March (Aug. 22, 2010)

Officer Boone wrestles with a vending machine and praises his partner for her previous heroics. He chides himself for being complacent, for thinking that the murder case was "above his pay grade." He's determined to do better.

This episode was the season finale, and it leaves us with Pamela weighing a couple of serious propositions: One is an offer to interview for a position on the Atlanta Police Department; the other is from her ex-husband: He is willing to resign from Delta Force to be with her again.

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