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Ally Bank commercials


Lee Tergesen provides the voice-over in the clever TV commercials in Ally Bank's "People Sense" ad campaign.

These commercials launched in September 2011: 

  • Briefcase of cash: Lee narrates throughout the whole ad. The concept is that a total stranger will watch a case full of $100,000 for free, so why should a bank charge fees?
  • Accept it: The ad deals with ATM fees, and Lee's voice comes in only at the very end.

These ads launched in May 2012:

  • Blender ad: Customers entering a dry cleaning business aren't greeted by a person -- just a machine, In this case, it's a blender on the counter. Lee narrates: "If your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an Ally."
  • Script ad: People on the street read canned responses typical of many customer service reps. Lee tells us, "If your bank doesn't give you knowledgeable customer service 24/7, you need an Ally."
  • Supermarket: The ad shows a grocery store customer letting another man go ahead of him in line. The supermarket then celebrates the man as the 1 millionth customer. The concept: "People don't like to miss out on money that should have been theirs."



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